Caring For Your First Hamster

I’m glad you are here and you really want to make your hammy happy, without extra stress and money spent.

The thing is that there’s a lot to figure out as a hamster owner, and you can easily find into online. However when I got my first hamster I would’ve loved to have all the information I need in a single place, wrapped up pretty.

Because some times you don’t even know what you should be looking for, and only find fragments.

So I created this ebook that will help you know everything about your new hammy. How to make it happy, earn its trust, and save some money in the process.

I know this from experience since I had to buy a lot of things that weren’t necessary for my hamster in the first place. Things like nesting materials that can actually be just paper towel (actually this is the best way), and useless toys he never touched.

What does the eBook contain ?

  1. If you are not a hamster owner yet, this eBook will help you decide whether this is a good pet for you or not. We’ll take a look at your home, what you want from a pet, and what you should expect from a hamster.
  2. A summary of each hamster breed, and how to identify them
  3. A big hamster supply checklist
  4. Hamster-safe foods and treats
  5. How to pick a hamster, and get it home safely and stress-free
  6. An 8 week guide on what to do with and for your hamster, earning its trust
  7. An FAQ with the most important questions that all hamster owners have.

The eBook is easy to read on mobile and desktop. The font is big enough to help you read without squinting at your phone. You can read this whenever you have a bit of free time and your phone with you.

It’s an 107 page long (big font) eBook, but the good part is that after you’re done reading this there won’t be any need to google hamster questions again.

We have a nice discount for our readers. You can get 25% OFF if you are using discount code”FirstHamster” (remove quotes).

If you have any kind of problem with downloading the Ebook just let me know at

Why you should buy it ?

It saves you a lot of time researching every single topic. And you’ve got everything bundled into one convenient eBook.

It can save you more than the 20$. The eBook costs (15$ if you use Discount Code”FirstHamster”).

So for example if you buy a cage that is not good for your hamster, and then you have to buy another one, you will lose at least 50$. I learned this the hard (expensive) way and it’s very hard to find a good one at pet shop or even on Amazon.

You can read it without ads or other promotions, so it will be pure value for you and your little furball.

And also you will help sustain this site. A lot of new hamster owners will have the chance to find useful information on how to care for their hammy, as long as this site still runs.

So any decision you will take, I’m glad to have you as a reader and wish you and your hammy the best !