About FirstHamster


Hello, my name is Dragos Ciuraru and together with my girlfriend Alexandra Mihut, made this site because we’d like to help as many hamster owners take care of their pets, the right way.

It’s essential both for you and your hamster to find accurate and up to date information on how to keep your hammy happy and healthy. This is why this site has over 100 articles full of useful tips and information, most of them on the long side.

All posts are written either by myself or Alexandra, so that you have this information first-hand from an actual hamster owner, and not a random paid author.

We learned most of these things while caring for our own hamster Teddy, a male golden Syrian hamster. You’ll see he shows up a lot in the posts.

That’s not our only source though, since not all hamsters are the same. We’ve spoken to other hamster owners, participated on hamster care forums and discussions, looked up studies of hamster behavior, and follow several hamster care channels on YouTube.

You’ll find 5 main categories on this site, and they’re all listed here. We think they adequately cover the topics a hamster owner would ask about, from the silliest (do hamsters have tails ?) to the most serious (hamster health problems, for example).

Clicking on any of the categories listed below will take you to the relevant articles on this site, so you can use them as a sort of navigation guide.

The categories are:

Hamster Facts

Food and Diet

General Care

Health Problems

Recommended Products

In case you have more questions about how to take care of your hamster, you can e-mail us at first.hamster1@gmail.com and we’ll happily help you sort things out.

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